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Research Grant Projects - 2012



Singapore Management University

How Does the Environment Affect Psychological Processes?
SMU Faculty: AU Wing Mun, Evelyn

The Effectiveness of Male Social Dominance on Women's Dating Interest in Live Interactions
SMU Faculty: LI Pin Cheng, Norman

The Role of Cognitive and Motivational Factors in Integrative and Exclusionary Reactions towards Foreign Cultures
SMU Faculty: LEUNG Ka Yee, Angela

The African Group at the United Nations Human Rights Council
SMU Faculty: JORDAAN Eduard Christiaan

The Influence of Attachment Styles on Career Decision-Making
SMU Faculty: WEE Ghin Hee, Serena

Socioeconomic Status and Health among Older Adults in Vietnam

Opinion Expression, Team Performance, and Decision-Making
SMU Faculty: TSAI Ming Hong

Policy Approaches for the Pakistani Electrical Power Sector
SMU Faculty: IJLAL Naqvi

The Thai Vegetarian Festival: New Definitions for Diaspora
SMU Faculty: CHAN Bee Eng, Margaret

Kovesi's Formal Element: A Contribution to Analytic Jurisprudence (Working Title)
SMU Faculty: MOONEY Thomas Brian

In Search of Alternative Methods of Reducing Poverty: Identifying and Analyzing Examples of the Micro-oriented State
SMU Faculty: DONALDSON John Andrew

Extended Political Opportunities, Widened Economic Gap: Decentralization, Social Inequality, and Mega-city politics in South Korea
SMU Faculty: BAE Yooil

The Social-entrepreneurial State: Comparing Urban Food Supply in Chongqing and Shanghai
SMU Faculty: ZHANG Qian, Forrest

Cognitive Representation of Daily Experiences
SMU Faculty: TOV William

The Effects of Gender-Professional Identity Integration (G-PII) on Females with A Male-dominant Profession
SMU Faculty: CHENG Chi-Ying

Promoting Religious Tolerance and Pluralism in Indonesia: The Role of Christian Seminaries
SMU Faculty: HOON Chang Yau

Gender and Politics in Southeast Asia III Analyzing the Political Gender Gap
SMU Faculty: WELSH Bridget Beatrice

Poverty and Economic Growth in Provincial Thailand, a Comparative Study
SMU Faculty: DONALDSON John Andrew

Post Arab Uprisings: Islamist Governance in Malaysia in a Global Context
SMU Faculty: WELSH Bridget Beatrice

Irregular Migration and Human Security in East Asia
SMU Faculty: SONG Jiyoung

Friendship between Adult Children and their Parents: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
SMU Faculty: MOONEY Thomas Brian

Effect of Emotion on Achievement Motivation
SMU Faculty: PARK Guihyun Grace

Dissecting China's "New Middle Class"
SMU Faculty:ZHANG Qian, Forrest

Conceptualizing 'Religious Multiculturalism' in Indonesia
SMU Faculty: HOON Chang Yau

Rational Inconsistent Belief: A New Version of the Preface Paradox
SMU Faculty: WILLIAMS John Nicholas

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