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Research Grant Projects - 2016



Singapore Management University

From Hiroshima to Fukushima: How Japan Embraced Nuclear Energy
SMU Faculty: SAITO Hirohisa

The Roles of Culture-related Co-benefits and Cosmopolitan Orientation in Motivating Pro-environmentalism
SMU Faculty: LEUNG Ka Yee Angela

The Effect of Mood on Attentional Flexibility in the Task-switching Paradigm
SMU Faculty: YANG Hwajin

The Effects of Team Member Personality and Inter-team Competition on Team Innovation
SMU Faculty: PARK Guihyun

A Life History Mismatch Perspective on Low Fertility in Modern Society
SMU Faculty: LI Pin Cheng Norman

The Personalization of Politics in Southeast Asia
SMU Faculty: FOX Colm Anthony

Collaborative Governance Dynamics: Creating Sustainable Agriculture Value-chains
SMU Faculty: FLORINI Ann Margaret

TV Consumption as Cultural Distinction among Educated Urban Chinese Youths
SMU Faculty: GAO Yang


Last updated on 16 Sep 2016 .